WW2 Veteran from Allentown Receives Free Car Repairs from AAMCO of Quakertown as “50 Cars in 50 States” Reaches Pennsylvania

Clair E. Boatman is a World War II veteran from Allentown, PA

AAMCO  | 05/03/2013
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Clair E. Boatman is a World War II veteran from Allentown, Pa. He served in the Pacific Ocean theatre with the Army’s 11th Airborne Division. Mr. Boatman was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds he received during the battle at Nichols Field in the Philippines in 1945. He relies on his 1997 Cadillac Catera to get around, running errands and to visit relatives in central Pennsylvania. The failing condition of his car has made it difficult for Mr. Boatman to get around, but since he is retired and living on a fixed income, he had not been able to get the repairs it needed. Knowing of his trouble, the MOPH Department of Pennsylvania nominated Mr. Boatman to participate in AAMCO’s program.

“I’m so pleased and gratified with the results of AAMCO’s program,” said Mr. Boatman. “Everything is running and looking just great. Tom and his staff are certainly a credit to AAMCO’s name and reputation.”

“Our veterans sacrificed their lives to protect this country,” said Thomas Hearn, owner of AAMCO of Quakertown. “Assisting Mr. Boatman with these car repairs is the least we can do.”

Mr. Boatman picked up his newly repaired car May 1 from the AAMCO of Quakertown service center, at 49 South West End Boulevard, Quakertown, Pa., where the services were provided free of charge. After they received Mr. Boatman’s car, AAMCO technicians conducted a thorough diagnostic inspection to determine all repairs needed. Ultimately, they provided repairs to the transmissionair conditioning system and wiper motor and provided additional services to ensure his vehicle will continue to serve him for years to come. AAMCO’s Quakertown repair team provided a bonus service of washing and detailing the car as well.

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