Thank you AAMCO, great job

I had to use AAMCO for the first time about a year ago in Greeley, Colorado and boy am I glad I did

AAMCO  | 10/29/2013
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I had to use AAMCO for the first time about a year ago in Greeley, Colorado and boy am I glad I did. After the rebuild of my transmission, I traveled from Greeley,Colorado to Bentonville,Arkansas. About 2 months later, my transmission went out again. The people working at both AAMCOs were a life saver. It took about 2 weeks to put in a new transmission but hey, a Buick Rendezvous is not easy to work on. I am so grateful for all the work the men did in both shops to get my car up and running.
Thank you AAMCO, great job.
-Glenda R.

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