Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips From AAMCO

Summer is finally here and with it comes road-trip season!

AAMCO  | 05/25/2017
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Summer is finally here and with it comes road-trip season! The expert technicians at AAMCO want to help ensure that you and your family will get to wherever you are going safely.

At AAMCO, we have you covered. We can provide all of the services essential to summer car maintenance, because we know the last thing you want to remember about your road trip is the day your car broke down and ruined the vacation. By bringing your vehicle to AAMCO for summer car care services, you’ll leave happy knowing that you and your family will be better able to enjoy your time on the road this summer. 

AAMCO’s Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips


  • High summer temperatures can affect both interior and exterior components of your car, truck or SUV. For instance, windshield wipers can dry out and crack from the severe heat. They’ve also become much less effective from working hard through snow and rain earlier in the year and may simply be worn out. A fresh set of wiper blades is an easy and cost effective fix to help enhance visibility while driving through strong and unpredictable summer rainstorms.
  • Extreme summer heat can also degrade and potentially harm the belts and hoses in your vehicle. Getting your belts and hoses checked out and serviced at your local AAMCO center can help to prevent overheating and more troublesome problems that may go on to impair your vehicle’s transmission or engine performance.
  • Helping your vehicle to run as efficiently as possible is fundamental to us at AAMCO. We also suggest having your tires checked biannually, the same way you would test the batteries in a smoke detector in your home routinely every 6 months. We’ll put your car, truck or SUV up on a lift to examine your tires for wear and damage. It is also important to be sure your tires are properly inflated, not only as a matter of protection, but overall it can help to improve your vehicle’s gas mileage.
  • Our techs will also check to see if you have low or tainted levels of fluid and coolant, as this can directly affect your radiator and other related systems and cause them to overheat. High temperatures can also deteriorate old fluid more rapidly, which can cause a decrease in efficiency and therefore impact the ability to keep critical systems, like your engine and transmission, from experiencing any damage due to running hot.

Summer Car Care & Maintenance Services at AAMCO

  1. Servicing your battery’s electrical connections
  2. Checking and servicing your air conditioning system
  3. Servicing the radiator/cooling system
  4. Checking the condition of your windshield wipers
  5. Testing and replacing your car battery, if needed or if it’s older than five years
  6. Checking your vehicle’s belts & hoses for deterioration
  7. Checking tires for pressure, wear and proper inflation
  8. A transmission fluid exchange (overheating is the biggest threat to transmissions)
  9. Checking that the all essential fluids in your vehicle are clean and full
  10. Inspecting and possibly replacing the oxygen sensor, if there has been a noticeable drop-off in fuel mileage.
  11. Changing your engine oil. During suggested oil change intervals and by using the manufacturer’s recommended grade of oil, mileage can increase by up to 2%

Especially during the hot summer months, by following the recommended time intervals for routine scheduled maintenance (as stated in your vehicle’s owner manual) you can help to extend the life of your car, truck or SUV.  AAMCO can help you to avoid breakdowns this summer by performing all of the services your vehicle needs to perform at its best in order to keep you comfortable and safe on the road for many miles to come

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