Los Angeles Vietnam War Veteran Enjoys Free Auto Repairs from Local AAMCO Center

Richard B. Gonzalez is a combat-disabled U.S. Marine Corps veteran from San Gabriel

AAMCO  | 07/24/2013
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Richard B. Gonzalez is a combat-disabled U.S. Marine Corps veteran from San Gabriel. He served three tours of duty during the Vietnam War. Mr. Gonzalez was awarded two Purple Heart medals for serious injuries suffered during his service that resulted in the amputation of both of his legs. He relies on his 1987 Dodge van to get to his medical appointments at the Veterans Affairs Hospital, run daily errands, and visit family. But, the failing condition of his van, and his stressed financial situation have made it difficult for Mr. Gonzalez to get the repairs he needed. Because of his automotive needs, Mr. Gonzalez was endorsed to participate in AAMCO’s program by the MOPH Department of California commander.

“I feel very fortunate. I am thankful to AAMCO and to the Pasadena owner and technicians and everyone involved to ensure that my van is in a safe, working condition,” said Mr. Gonzalez. “By restoring my van, AAMCO restored my independence. I have a couple of more years to drive!”

Mr. Gonzalez picked up his newly repaired van on July 23 from the AAMCO of Pasadenacenter, at 1800 E. Colorado Boulevard, where the repairs were provided free of charge. After Mr. Gonzalez dropped off his van, AAMCO technicians conducted a thorough diagnostic inspection to determine all repairs needed. Ultimately, the transmission, engine, brakes, suspension and air conditioning were all fixed and improved. Additional services were performed to ensure his vehicle will continue to serve him for years to come.

“It has been an honor and privilege for AAMCO Transmissions, Pasadena to be able to do our part to say thanks to Mr. Gonzales for his service and sacrifice for our country,” said Sadu Gourkar, AAMCO of Pasadena owner. “We hope that his vehicle was repaired to his satisfaction and beyond his expectations.”

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