Hardin County Iraq War veteran enjoys free car repairs from Louisville AAMCO center

Travis Tiffany is a U.S. Army veteran from Rineyville, KY

AAMCO  | 04/02/2013
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Travis Tiffany is a U.S. Army veteran from Rineyville, Ky. He served as
a Specialist in the Army and was awarded two Purple Hearts for wounds
received during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He continues to suffer from
injuries incurred during his combat service, most notably from
concussions and traumatic brain injury. Mr. Tiffany relies on his
Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck for daily tasks, but due to his
financial situation and status as Disability Retired, he was unable to
get the repairs it needed. The Commander of the MOPH Department of
Kentucky nominated Mr. Tiffany to participate in AAMCO’s program.

“With all stress we go through as veterans, it is nice to know that
AAMCO took a load off my shoulders and helped me get my car running
smoothly and back on the road,” said Mr. Tiffany.

Mr. Tiffany picked up his newly repaired truck on April 2 from the AAMCO
of Louisville service center
, at 12901 Dixie Highway, where the services
were provided free of charge. After he dropped his car off at the
center, the AAMCO technicians conducted a complete diagnostic inspection
of the vehicle. Ultimately, they provided a transmission service,
replaced the oil and air filters and provided additional services,
including an oil change, to ensure the vehicle will continue to serve
him for years to come. The AAMCO repair team included Tim Di Russo,
Charles Wharton and Travis Smith. Smith is a veteran who volunteered to
work on the repairs.

“Mr. Tiffany and his family have sacrificed a lot for our country, and
it’s my pleasure to show my appreciation with this car repair,” said
John Summers, owner of AAMCO of Louisville. “The 50 Cars in 50 States
program has been a wonderful way for us to connect and give back to
America’s military veterans.”

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