Glastonbury Veteran Enjoys Free Auto Repairs from East Hartford AAMCO Center

Matthew Gibbons is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran from Glastonbury, Conn.

AAMCO  | 06/03/2013
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Matthew Gibbons is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran from Glastonbury, Conn. He enlisted in the military at age 18, right after graduating from high school. Mr. Gibbons served in the infantry for two combat deployments to Afghanistan, and was awarded a Purple Heart for serious injuries he sustained during combat. Mr. Gibbons has enrolled in Rutgers University to begin classes in the fall. However, the 2002 Mitsubishi Montero he recently purchased to take him to New Jersey, was not in proper working condition. He was nominated to participate in AAMCO’s program by the MOPH Department of Connecticut commander.

“I’m very excited, and extremely grateful, to participate in AAMCO’s 50 Cars in 50 States program!” said Gibbons. “I was selected as the Purple Heart recipient in CT to get AAMCO to donate their work and parts to my car for free. Without them I would not be able to revamp my car to a like-new status. I’m going to need a reliable car starting this week and that’s what they’re giving me. I want to thank AAMCO for the program, and the Military Order of the Purple Heart Department of CT for nominating me, and Danny Rakow and Patrick Conniff from AAMCO East Hartford. I highly recommend them, and won’t forget their help.”
Mr. Gibbons picked up his newly repaired car today from the AAMCO of East Harford service center, at 133 Pitkin Street, where the repairs were provided free of charge. After Mr. Gibbons dropped off his vehicle, AAMCO technicians conducted a thorough diagnostic inspection to determine all repairs needed. Ultimately, they rebuilt the transmission, fixed leaky valves and provided additional services to ensure his vehicle will continue to serve him for years to come.

“Matt is a great guy, and he really cares about the country and his fellow Marines,” said Dan Rakow, owner of the East Hartford AAMCO. “It is wonderful that he is using the car to further his education at Rutgers, and we were happy to do our part to help him.”

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, AAMCO partnered with the MOPH to give back to America’s veterans in communities across the country. Through the 50 Cars in 50 States program, AAMCO is repairing the cars of 50 combat veterans, with the goal to repair one in each state to commemorate 50 years of total car care service.

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