AAMCO’S 50 Cars in 50 States Reaches Marine Corporal in Arizona

U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Brad Ivanchan served three tours of duty in the Afghanistan War

AAMCO  | 10/24/2012
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Afghanistan War Veteran from Phoenix area enjoys free car repairs from local AAMCO dealership

HORSHAM, Pa. AAMCO, the world’s largest chain of transmission specialists, continued its 50 Cars in 50 States initiative by repairing the car of an Afghanistan War veteran in Arizona through its partnership with the Military Order of the Purple Heart(MOPH).

U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Brad Ivanchan served three tours of duty in the Afghanistan War. He lost both of his legs in an improvised explosive device blast in June 2012. He recently received prosthetic legs that have allowed him to walk and drive again. Cpl. Ivanchan is a native of the Phoenix area. He and his wife, Sarah Ivanchan, are currently living in San Diego as he is undergoing rehabilitation at the Navy Medical Center in San Diego, Calif., where he expects another 18 to 24 months of treatment.

The couple relies on his car to get to Cpl. Ivanchan’s physical therapy and medical appointments and to drive back to Phoenix to visit family. Ivanchan’s 2000 Infinity was having major trouble, and they were seeking assistance with the repairs. The car was overheating and the oil was leaking. The cooling system and engine were showing problems too.

Word of Ivanchan’s car trouble made its way to AAMCO during the Purple Heart National Convention in Phoenix in August, where AAMCO was participating and presenting details of the 50 Cars in 50 States program. The timing was perfect.

“I really appreciate all that AAMCO has done for me and my wife by repairing our car,” said Cpl. Brad Ivanchan. “It’s essential to have another vehicle to get to and from rehab, and to visit my family in Phoenix.”

Cpl. Ivanchan and his wife picked up their newly repaired car on Monday, October 8 from the Mesa AAMCO service center at 868 S. Country Club Drive, where the services were provided free of charge from a combined effort of all 20-area AAMCO dealers. It was determined that the cooling system, left side axle and all engine mounts needed repair. AAMCO made these repairs as well as replaced the oil switch and the fluids and belts. A complete inspection of the car was conducted to ensure the vehicle will continue to serve him and his family for years to come.

As a special surprise to the Ivanchans, the local area AAMCO dealers also provided the funds for a new windshield and minor bodywork and they detailed the car. These additional efforts were done to demonstrate the company’s appreciation of Cpl. Ivanchan’s sacrifice to the country.

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