AAMCO of Reno Repairs Lyon County Navy Veteran’s Pickup

Michael A. Ott is a disabled U.S. Navy veteran from Stagecoach, Nevada

AAMCO  | 04/02/2013
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Michael A. Ott is a disabled U.S. Navy veteran from Stagecoach, Nev. He served as an engineer during the Vietnam War. Mr. Ott suffers from Alzheimer’s and his wife, Sally Ott, cares for him. He has nearly 20 medical appointments each month at the Reno Veterans Affairs Medical Center, more than an hour’s drive from their home, but the condition of their 2008 Ford pickup and financial situation have made it difficult to get the medical care he needs.

“My wife and I are very thankful to AAMCO for fixing our pickup and getting us back on the road,” said Mr. Ott. “As a military veteran and the father of two children in the military, I am very appreciative of the service AAMCO is providing to veterans.”

Mr. and Mrs. Ott picked up their newly repaired pickup today from the AAMCO of Reno service center, at 2155 Market Street, where the services were provided free of charge. The couple dropped off their pickup on Mar. 25. Technicians conducted a complete diagnostic inspection, and then made the needed repairs that included a transmission service, fuel, air and oil filter replacements, a differentials fluid change and tune-up.

“It was my pleasure to meet Mr. and Mrs. Ott and to assist them with repairs to their pickup,” said Aaron Castonguay, owner of AAMCO of Reno. “Our honorable service men and women are very deserving, and it was a great experience to participate in AAMCO’s 50 Cars in 50 States program.”

AAMCO Reno NV with MOPH recipient

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